KFWR 95.9FM The Ranch’s Local Music Showdown | Highway Sisters Vs. Southern Brave

Thanks so much to Ben Ryan and 95.9 The Ranch for playing our song “Gold Digger” for the first ever #LocalMusicShowdown! Congrats to Southern Brave for winning tonight’s head to head with their single “First November”! Words of wisdom from Ben Ryan: “Chase KK and Amelia up and down the road...When I say chase...don’t actually chase ‘em ‘cause they’re feisty! I know Amelia is actually a veteran and KK, well, she’s pretty tall so she can take ya!” 😂

To read more on 959theranch.com, click here: https://www.959theranch.com/episode/11-11-19-highway-sisters-vs-southern-brave/

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