"Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how kindred spirits find each other, and connect on a level that fires on all cylinders. The importance of chemistry in a musical partnership can not be overstated, and for the Highway Sisters, they have it in spades. Whether it was divine intervention, the universe’s magnetic pull, or just plain old coincidence, Amelia Presley and KK Bodiford found each other, and the rest of us can go to sleep at night knowing miracles do exist." -Music Mecca  

“Kindred spirits, Amelia Presley and KK Bodiford, share an unconventional sisterly bond. Their unique personalities couldn’t be any further apart, yet, they’re connected in nearly every manner. ”  

— Track Rambler

"This modern day Thelma and Louise duo is taking the nation by storm with their funny antics along side songwriting. It's safe to say these ladies are a fire burning with gasoline and it will be damn near impossible to put them out."

— Texas Local Live

Highway Sisters consists of Amelia Presley and KK Bodiford.  Amelia is a soulful distant cousin to Elvis Presley.  Luke Bryan was quoted saying “I think Elvis would be proud.” about her televised performance of “Heartbreak Hotel”.  She is a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran.  Amelia volunteers for veterans events as well as rescue dog organizations.  She recently became an advocate against child abuse by publicly telling the story of her own childhood through her solo song, “Harm Nobody Else” and a podcast called “The Insignificant Diary of a Burden Named Phoenix” in which she tells the story of the 13 years of abuse she endured.  KK is a distinctive Outlaw-style vocalist who was a 1st-season Nashville Star finalist with Texas Artist/Judge, Charlie Robison.  She writes children’s books and participates in musical therapy for hospitalized children and schools.  KK created a children’s program called “Bully Proof Dream” to help encourage kindness in schools.  The Highway Sisters are both brand ambassadors for veteran-owned apparel company, Kickin' Brass. 

In April 2018, Highway Sisters’ EP, "Smoke & Mirrors," was released.  Their EP was produced by Texas Producer, Eric McKinney.  On the day of their EP’s pre-release, the Highway Sisters were guests on the "Great Day Festive Friday" Fox 26 morning show in Fresno, California.  They performed 5 segments live on-air.  They were also guest performers, along with Buddy Jewell, at Valley Children's Hospital, and Laton Rodeo Grounds, as featured performers.  The Highway Sisters were guests on the CBS morning show, "Great Day Houston."  They have performed at The Grand Ole Opry and have performed with artists; Stoney Larue, Cory Morrow, Craig Campbell, Bri Bagwell, and Brandon Rhyder as well as Willie Nelson’s granddaughter, Raelyn Nelson.

Together, Highway Sisters endured obstacles in a previous band when their styles and authenticity were challenged by a financier who worried more about appearance and “Smoke and Mirrors” (thus the EP name) than actually creating authentic music and staying genuine.  The story found within this duo is deep, comical and inspiring.  More than the story, the connection between these two “sisters” is nothing short of what legends are made of, thus coining their nicknames; “Thelma and Louise”.   

Highway Sisters will release their latest single, “Black Wedding”, this summer.  The song speaks about taking one’s skeletons out of the closet, and putting them to rest for good with a funeral for all the things that hold the listener back.  The release of "Black Wedding" was previously put on hold after the COVID19 pandemic wiped out all tour dates.  Then, following the pandemic, KK Bodiford welcomed a special needs son into the world.  The need to be a mother, and ensure that her baby boy was thriving took precedent over previous career goals.  Highway Sisters agreed to take a break from the stage, but they never "broke up".  In fact, quite the opposite occurred as KK and Amelia continued to speak daily in their typical sisterly way.  Two years later, KK and Amelia felt it was finally time for the long awaited release of "Black Wedding".  It is set to release June 17, 2022.